Comprehensive assessment of the digital market in Croatia

Salience delivered recommendations for effective enhancement of investment, competition and innovation in the sector.

Undertaking an assessment of digital infrastructure and policy, including broadband, Internet of Things, digital platforms, cloud and data infrastructure, to identify specific gaps pertaining to digital infrastructure, policies & regulations and investments. The objective includes assessment of the potential of emerging technologies in Croatia and analysis the opportunities to leverage available EU programs and resources.

  • Reviewing the existing digital sector indicators for Croatia
  • Comparing Croatia’s performance against EU benchmark countries
  • Collecting data on sector structure and analysing the competition and liberalization of the various markets within the digital sector
  • Reviewing the legal and regulatory framework for digital infrastructure
  • Identifying key market inhibitors, including market barriers (if any) which may restrict entry, competition and growth of market players
  • Identifying and assessing private as well as government, regulator and international agencies’ interventions in the market
  • Identifying growth potential and opportunities such as emerging technology niches for Croatia