Kenya public digital infrastructure options assessment and pre-feasibility study

Salience identified digital format of maps for current areas served and areas, to be served in the future along with a final recommendation of a business model that delivers the best economic and social return and one that best meets the goal of bridging the digital divide in Kenya. The outcome of the study is to provide a high-level implementation strategy and roadmap for options of upgrading the public components for connectivity.

  • An in-depth review of the broadband connectivity infrastructure and services landscape (public and private) in Kenya;
  • Supply Analysis of Public Digital Infrastructure and private digital infrastructure (where available):
  • Demand Analysis focusing on key public sectors (Health and Education) and a study on connected vs unconnected;
  • Options Assessment for upgrading and expansion of NOFBI and County Metro Network;
  • Recommendations for best model to connect the key public facilities mapped and with a focus on using the PPP framework
  • Infrastructure and provision of last-mile connectivity and LAN infrastructure and associated services to public institutions and access points.
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